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We hope you will join us on at least one of the many excursions planned over the next several months. For example, we travel en masse every January to Las Vegas, Nevada. Later in the winter, we hit the February events in Phoenix, Arizona, but stay at posh resorts in Scottsdale for the world class links and 80 degree weather in February.

In the spring and summer, we use events as an excuse to have "executive team building" in Europe and Asia in places like London, Greece and Thailand.

Closer to home, there are local events you will not want to miss. You will discover quieter, more private and possibly more fun "industry" happenings -- even some full scale pornstar parties, generally in late summer (but you will want to establish bona fides well before that.)

You will be pleased, surely, to find out where the industry crowd (there is one) in your town hangs out; where and when they meet and mingle. Often, its that steakhouse or neighborhood tavern you never really considered. Until now.